Walkfit Platinum Review

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Walkfit Platinum Review

Walkfit Platinum Review – Why You Should Buy Walkfit Foot Inserts

To start with a quick background, the Walkfit Platinum is an upgrade, of sorts, on the original Walkfit inserts that have helped over 5 million people already. With that in mind, I did a lot of research on this new product – including personal testing – and compiled my findings into what I hope will be an informative review that helps you make an educated purchase decision.

Walkfit Platinum inserts – as its name suggests – works by the insertion of special multi-purpose pads into shoes. In a nutshell, the “pads” provide support for the feet – the foundation for the rest of your body – and are supposed to reduce the pressure placed on them (and consequently the rest of your body) while walking.

The prospect of two little pads that can make a big difference is welcome to people who suffer from pain. This includes sufferers of pain in feet, knees, back, as well as other sensitive spots of our anatomy that don’t take excess pressure well. Most people – myself included – have endured such pain at one time or other and tried many other possible solutions. Pain pills, for example, do help alleviate joint pain but they never seem to be very effective (though, admittedly, do provide a little relief) and have to be taken at regular intervals – a rather annoying and nagging responsibility. For this reason alone, I was very keen to see if these pads could really outdo years of medical bio-chemical research.

To put them to the test, I tried using them at a time when I find myself with the most back pain – swimming practice. No, I didn’t swim with them taped onto my feet, but we do a lot of running as part of our training (sometimes more than 10 K) and, due to the rough terrain we use for resistance training, the running surfaces wreaks havoc on our feet, knees, and lower back.

The first thing I noticed about Walkfit Platinum pads is how much better I stood up when I wore them. Without even taking a step I immediately felt more natural and balanced – a feeling that’s hard to put into words but I’ll do my best. The pad fits all the contours of my feet perfectly and adjusts while I walk for even more comfort.  It seems to provide just the right about of firm support without being hard and uncomfortable – and that’s before I walked in them.

Walking around, I could feel even more of a difference. My posture – typically not that great although I don’t really slouch – felt better. Even my breathing felt improved (good posture is known to improve breathing so I wasn’t overly surprised but it was still an unexpected bonus) and I could just see the difference in the mirror.  I was standing up straight – for the first time in ages – and based on my reflection alone could tell that it made a huge difference to my appearance. Naturally, I already have a nice set of abs as an athlete but even there they were more defined than ever and I can definitely imagine the effect it would have on someone with a bit more on their mid-section to stand up straighter.

Already impressed, I took my Walkfit Platinum inserts out for my usual Sunday morning run with my swim club. At first, I didn’t notice anything different – apart from what I detailed above. Then, it hit me that we were more than halfway through our run and I wasn’t in any pain. That, in itself, was something noticeable. No-one else had started complaining yet but, sure enough, by the end of the run, most of my teammates were swearing fluently under their breath about their backs, knees, etc. – typical of swimmers who generally don’t like land training.

What wasn’t typical, though, is that I finished the run a bit faster than I normally do (although I’m not necessarily attributing that to the pads) and, more importantly, without any of the nagging pain I’d come to expect – and even gotten used to. As I stood their marveling at the difference it had made I listened to the gripes of my teammates and couldn’t hold back a smug expression I’m surprised they didn’t notice.

As if I wasn’t already impressed enough, my coach praised me for taking his advice on improving my running technique. I did NO such thing – I hate running and had/have no interest in getting “better” at it. That being said, I recalled the same thing I mentioned earlier (the huge difference they made to my posture) and I could remember him shouting at me to keep my back straight as I ran (supposedly this would prevent me from feel the lower back pain I complained about). My guess is that my better posture indirectly caused me to run “better” – thus pleasing myself (via lack of pain) and my coach. Score one more for the Walkfit Platinum.

The icing on the cake was that my shoes didn’t smell the way the usually do after a workout – bad. Apparently these pads come with an anti-odor technology (patented and all) that prevents the awful smell that feet can produce.  That alone was enough motivation for me to recommend it to my teammates – no more smelly locker rooms.

Now that we’ve covered my personal experience from an athlete’s perspective, let’s look at it from the perspective of some other people I know; those who aren’t so athletic –maybe even unhealthy by definition – and want to alleviate paid just as I did.

People suffer from joint pain for a wide variety of reasons. Some are overweight – which in itself spawns many contributors to pain. Some are exposed to physical stress factors in their jobs that put joints under stress. Some simply have unexplained pain – probably because of genetics. The rest of my information comes from a mix of these people and sheds more light on the Walkfit Platinum and its merits.

Features of Walkfit Platinum

Overweight people (or even just people who have a bit more on them than they’d like) benefit in lots of ways from these pads. They do their job by providing proper foot support – thus eliminating aching feet that have to deal with excess weight – and providing stability. This, in turn, improves posture which means that the negative effects of added weight are mediated by the body being a better – more natural – position. This ensures proper weight distribution and minimizes physical stress throughout – spawn a cascading effect of relief throughout the body. As an added bonus, the improved posture helps reduce the visibility of excess mid-section fat. It might even make good motivation to put effort into better posture all the time so you can do it without the help these pads.

One other major joint, and foot, pain factor is age. As people get older, past a certain point, their bodies deteriorate somewhat and their joints can’t handle as much stress as they used to. This is where joint pain starts and it makes it worthwhile to do all you can to minimize the stress placed on already-weakened spots in the back, knees, and feet. The support provided by the Walkfit Platinum pads seems to do just that. The little pads actively support the entire body frame while also gently promoting far better overall body position. This reduces the stress placed on joints to a minimum and has one other bonus attached to it.

Many older people slouch – or at least don’t stand up as straight as they should – especially if they didn’t practice earlier in life to keep good posture. This, in turn, contributes greatly to worsening of conditions like arthritis and other conditions that negatively affect the body’s support system. Walkfit Platinum pads – via their foot support- seem to naturally guide the rest of your body into the best possible position; which isn’t slouching and inherently means a straight back and consequently even weight distribution.

Finally, the price of these pads is definitely right. Twenty dollars is admittedly a far cry from its “competitors” that can costs more than ten times this price. That’s not to say the competition doesn’t do the job too – but who’s really going to pay ten times the cost to find out when something has already been shown to work? This affordable price makes Walkfit Platinum pads worth a lot of consideration – especially when compared to pain pills that many people resort to.

Like I mentioned earlier, the drugs almost never give anything approaching complete relief. Rather, they dull the pain and, perhaps, make it more manageable but if you missed a dose the pain comes rushing back with a vengeance. With today’s busy schedules, not many people want the stress of remember to take a pill every four, or six, hours – especially when, almost invariably, the time comes at the most inconvenient occasion. It’s easy (with enough practice) to remember to take it in the morning but during the day is a different story.

Picture leaving an important meeting or stopping work on an important document to go swallow a pill – it’s annoying.

In my contrasting experience, you don’t forget these pads after the first couple times. Putting them on becomes as natural as putting on socks and the difference in comfort is so noticeable that – on the rare occasion when you do forget – you’ll realize right away and put them on. Once on, they’ll provide all the support that makes them so effective – all day long. It’s natural, when compared to taking pills, and promotes long term good posture – a good habit to have anyway. Compare the “stress” of putting in a couple of pads in the morning with the stress of remembering to take meds multiples times for the day- it’s a no-brainer for me.

To summarize my review, Walkfit Platinum shoe inserts are (in my opinion) worth the money and do a lot more than you’d expect for twenty bucks or two little shoe inserts. They make a huge difference to anyone who’s ever had an ache or pain – particularly if those pains frequent the sensitive joints like knees, hips, and ankles. They make an excellent replacement for pain pills in instances where the pains have a physical cause and come with far less responsibility. They support the body properly and keep everything aligned to where it should be – with dramatic pain relieving results. They reduce pressure on the feet and keep them comfortable even with a lot of walking.

On the less therapeutic, (although still to some extent) and more cosmetic, side, Walkfit Platinum pads do a great job of improving posture. They gently promote better body position, and weight distribution, which leads to an overall better appearance. People who walk with straight backs and good overall posture appear more confident and find it easier to gain people’s respect. As a bonus, this good posture also diminishes the appearance of belly fat and can even make the difference between a fat mid-section and a flat tummy. For people who are already great shape, the posture can make the difference between flat tummy and a six pack (I’m living proof).

The anti-odor technology removes the annoyance of smelly sneakers. You can just kick off your shoes anywhere and know that the whole room won’t smell them – or your feet. This technology is patented and works very well – another thing I proved personally. It’s also antibacterial and will presumably help prevent all those unpleasant things that can happen to feet that spend too much time in sweaty sneakers.

Finally, Walkfit Platinum pads have a gradual, and long-term, effect on foot alignment and posture and make a huge difference to the way your body naturally positions itself. Eventually, you should find that you naturally stand up straight – with your body weight distributed well – even when you’re not wearing them. Even then, however, you’ll probably stick with them just for the amazing support they provide to aching soles (get it?) –especially if you do a lot of walking or running and aren’t a fan of the pain or the smell.

If you like this review, let me know in the comments below and I’ll write some more indepth stuff here at I am a Guy!

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