Dovo Straight Razor Review

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dovo straight razor review

What’s the Best DOVO Straight Razor

DOVO, or DOVO Solingen is a parent company to the very popular Merkur brand, who make great quality shaving products. Although Merkur is responsible for safety razors, a Dovo straight razor is one of the most popular traditional shaving products available. DOVO also produces other fine products including manicure sets, strops, and brushes, but we are going to focus on straight razors and their accompanying accessories because this is what they are best known for, and this site is about shaving products after all! So lets get started.

Straight Razors

Straight razors come in two varieties. One variety and perhaps the best are the solid stainless steel high quality razors which last forever. The other variety, are the carbon steel disposable razors, which also do a good job, but aren’t designed to last forever. This is Dovo’s most popular straight razor, and its disposable. Its got a pretty sturdy plastic handle which allows for you to remove the blade and replace them after use, so no stropping or sharpening necessary. Its also very light weight, and won’t corrode, the best reason to like this blade however is the price, which is under $30. Like all of DOVO’s straights, the blades that it comes with(one short and one long) are rounded, so its safer to use.

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Full Hollow Carbon Steel 5/8″

This is DOVO’s most popular high quality product, and is meant to last forever. Its made from high quality Swedish carbon steel, is full hollow, which means it is light and very sharp, and has the perfect 5/8″ width that we like to see in straight razors. A few negatives of this particular product are the price, which is ok fair for the quality that you are getting but nothing amazing, plus it does not come shave ready. It was honed and sharpened at the factory but still needs to be professionally adjusted if you plan on using it in any kind of business.

Blue Shavette with Satin Finish

This product is another disposable straight from DOVO, and it comes honed and sharpened and ready to use right out of the gate. Its perfect for beginners who don’t want to learn how to sharpen or hone their blade, and is very light weight. The price is also right on point for an entry level product.

“Master’s” with Grenadille Handles and a Full Hollow

This is DOVO’s best, high quality safety razor. It comes with a full hollow, so it is extremely light and concave to it will cut just about any whisker with ease. The material is high quality stainless steel, and the width is 6/8″, which is slightly thicker than the ideal 5/8″. Overall, its pure quality and will last you forever, but definitely not for beginners.

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