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Buying Guide: Best Straight Razor Brands, Models, and Features

When it comes to traditional wet shaving, there are two methods to trimming up your face. The first method, is to use a safety razor, which is the preferred method of shaving for those looking to get an extremely close shave, while still retaining a bit of security. These razors were invented back in the early 1900’s. The second method, is to use a straight razor, which will give you the closest shave imaginable, and is the oldest shaving method in the world.

The caveat of using a straight razor however, is that there is no guard, and there is a huge learning curve, so a beginner will struggle. Heck, there is the potential that you could slit your throat and die, and when you compare that to the hack and slash method of today’s razors, many people just choose to forgo that entirely.

In addition to these methods, there are two types of straight razors, disposable straights, and straights which can last you a lifetime. If your going to use the high quality straights which are designed to last you forever, there is an extra element of maintenance that you need to anticipate, such as stropping and sharpening, however, in the long run they will save you money. Regardless of which you pick, you should still do a bit of research, to make sure that you pick the best straight razor brand and product for your needs. Here is a list that we complied, to help make that choice easier for you.

The Product Lineup

DOVO Full Hollow 5/8″ Carbon

This is a bad boy. DOVO is the premiere brand when it comes to straight razors, and this entry is no exception. Its a non-disposable straight razor and it comes shave ready, professionally hones, and made out of some of the best steel you can get. Hone it and strop it right, and it will last you forever. However, you do need to make sure that it dries thoroughly, and you can’t beat it to death on the counter. One of the advantages with using a non-disposable, is that there isn’t nearly as much potential for pulling and cuts a little better than their disposable counterparts.

Azael Grim Reaper by Bud K

This is a 4 1/2″ blade which opens up to about 10″ in total, so its pretty big. Like most brands, this razor has a curved edge to prevent accidental pokes, and is made out of stainless steel. It actually comes at a great price considering it isn’t a disposable, however when you first get it, it will need to be sharpened, and its not as thick or as sturdy most other straights. Also, not a fan of standard stainless steel, high carbon are what the best products are made out of.

Parker SRW Stainless Steel

This straight is made out of stainless steel, and comes from a respected name in Parker. It works as a disposable straight, so you’ll never have to hone or strop it, and uses shark blades. If your on the lazy side and don’t want to spend time with upkeep, this might be your choice. Each blade will need to be replaced after three uses to ensure its edge.

Gold Dollar #208 6/8″ Width

One entry by WSP(Wet Shaving Products) is this bad boy. Its constructed from 100% high carbon steel and comes ready to shave, so you won’t have to get it professionally sharpened since its done for you. Its also got some nice weight to it and is easy to handle. I do recommend making sure that you get all of the water out of it, plus, its difficult to hone due to the quality of the material being so hard, so you’ll need to practice up!

DOVO Shavette

This is DOVO’s disposable razor entry, and its pretty good. Its made in Solingen, Germany and adapts to all blades, which is extremely important if you want to use the best blades on the market, such as Derby or Feather. A couple of features to dislike about this product, which are inherent in all disposable brands, is that it is light. That might sound counter-intuitive, but the heavier the blade, the more it will cut without you applying pressure, which helps with safety and perfecting your trim. If you are interested in other Dovo straight razors, you can read our reviews of their entire product line here.

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