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best shaving stand

Best Safety Razor Stands Features and Models (+

Buying Guide)

Its really hard to go wrong when it comes to stands, your just looking something that will hang up your wet shaving products, and that looks sleek and sophisticated. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should run out and purchase whatever is the cheapest either, as there are some attributes that you need to look at, such as air circulation and stability.

You can definitely afford to lose out on some quality here, because they serve more of a practical purpose, and not a technical one. Having said that, tastes may very, and there are a few no no’s, like purchasing one made of wood. No sense buying the best badger hair brush you can afford and then leaving it on a wet countertop. Here is a list of some of the best ones on the market, so take a look and maybe this will help you decide.

The Lineup

Simply Beautiful Deluxe

This particular stand comes in a very sleek looking black, and has two holding positions, one for a razor, and one for a brush. The width of each hole is also perfectly aligned to accommodate almost every sized razor or brush, you simply move it further up the stand to hold it in place, and it will provide excellent air flow to dry off the groom ware.

Ichabod by Colonel Cronk

Colonel Cronk is a brand that sneaks its way into our reviews every once in a while. They don’t make a ton of products, but they make efficient products that are very popular, and its no different with this safety razor stand. this particular product has a chrome finish and just like the Deluxe by Simply Beautiful, it has two holders for your brush and your safety razor (Most stands are like this with two openings). The stand won’t hold every product under the sun however, as the holes are somewhat narrow.

4 Prong Stainless Steel Deluxe

Super Safety Razors is a brand that likes to show off their high quality grooming equipment, and we think they are showing off here. This stand has four holders, 2 for brushes, and 2 for razors, which is configurable and stylish. The stand itself is made out of stainless steel, so it won’t corrode. Its price is a little steeper than the other stands on this list, but we appreciate the fact that they are thinking about people who might have different sized brushes or razors, as this should accommodate every sized shaving utensil on the market.

2 Prong Chrome

This is SuperSafetyRazors 2 pronged edition. Oddly enough, its price is similar to its 4 pronged entry, but its features are very similar. Nice air flow, heavy base, should accommodate brushes that are 20-25 mm and most razors. Perhaps its the chrome plated finish which ups the price a bit. Also features a textured area to hold the stand so you don’t drop it when it gets wet.

Chrome Stand by RoyalShave

RoyalShave’s entry into the stand market is very similar to all of the other stands. It has a sleek design that is much more showy than that featured by SuperSafetyRazors, but at a similar price. Biggest concern with this stand is that the holder is a little bit wider than most other stands, this puts it right above the sweet spot, and some of the newer Merkur razors will hold too loose.

Curved Stand by SuperSafetyRazors

Another interesting entry, this particular product has a concave design on its upward pole, and will hold shaving brushes with 20-25 mm widths. It also have a heavy base and a beautiful chrome plated finish, but overall it doesn’t really provide any extra practical value or technical value compared to the other stands on this list to justify its double cost.

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