The Best Shaving Bowls That Look Great!

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Best Shaving Bowl

Buying Guide: Best Shaving Bowl Models and Features

There is nothing wrong with being thrifty, you just have to pick the right areas to do it. I wouldn’t do that when it comes to safety razors or blades, you need those to be quality, because that directly impacts the quality of shave that you are going to have, and they can last you a long time if you properly take care of them.

However, the accessory items are definitely an area which you can be lax on, because you won’t see much of a quality difference, but you might have some preferences. Here is a list of a few of the best shaving bowls on the market. If you’re looking for a shaving stand to go with your bowl, we have a list of the best stands here. We took the time to organize them, so you can see the best of which every brand has to offer.

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The Product Lineup

Stainless Steel Bowl From SuperSafetyRazors

This is a shaving soap bowl which should be able to accommodate just about any sized biscuit which you want to put into it from manufacturer SuperSafetyRazors. The stainless steel means that it won’t rust or fade, and it has a nice sleek look. It even has a mirror finish. A few other perks to stainless steel is that it is shatter resistant, as opposed to glass bowls, and there is a mirror finish. Our issue with this product is that the rubber base is poorly designed, and we question how effective it would actually be. This is one of the cheaper bowls, so it looks like that is where the money was saved.

Model 111 Sante Fe by Colonel Conk

Colonel Conk produces some great shaving accessory products, and here is their best cup. Its made out of handcrafted glass from New Mexico and will hold 2.25 oz of whatever product you decide to put in it, and also comes with some soap. Our issues with the bowl, is that we’ve noticed not all of them are uniform in shape, due to the hand crafting, and sometimes they are built with a wide base. Also, since its made out of glass, it can shatter if your drop it. I’d recommend this bowl only to people who like the look, otherwise keep looking.

Buffalo Horn 3.5 Inch

This is a palm bowl, so you can’t use it like the other products on the list. Basically, you have to float this in hot water in order to properly warm the lather before you use your brush, and some people may not be too inclined to do that. This item is made from HandMadeShaveBowls, out of India. In case your wondering why you see a lot of traditional shaving products come out of India, its because it use to be a British colony, and the Brits are serious about their beards! To tell you the truth, I am not in love with this bowl. It does create a great lather, but it doesn’t retain heat well, plus it can shatter if your drop it too hard. It has a neat design and has a very large area to mix, so those are nice perks.

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Kingsley by Pendergrass

This is a wooden bowl, an an extremely affordable price. Its about an inch deep and isn’t very wide, so you’ll have to chop you shaving soap up you want to fit it in, however, it does a great job of producing lather and we highly recommend this if your on a budget. You can also get this in dark wood, which I prefer. The problem, like always with wooden products, is that as time goes on, they tend to chip, fade, and will get mold in them, so don’t purchase this if you are looking for something that will last forever.

Deluxe Chrome from SimplyBeautiful

Perfectly sized shaving bowl, and at a great price. This particular product by SimplyBeautiful is about as ideal as you can expect, and has the size you need at both the base and the top. What we don’t like about it however, is that it isn’t as large as it claims to be. Its about 2.5″ tall and has a diameter of 3.5″ wide, which is still a very large bowl, but why not just record accurate dimensions in the first place?

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Rn46 Traditional Black

Edwin Jagger’s foray into this niche, they provide perhaps the best shaving bowl on the market. Unlike the other bowls on this list, it has a handle, making it more like a mug, but it has a huge mouth and a very elegant look, so we are going to cheat a little bit and call it both. Like all glassware, it can shatter and break, and it isn’t cheap, but if you don’t mind paying a little extra and are particularly sold on the look of glass, this is your pick.

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