The Best Razor for Shaving Head and How to Use it!

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Buying Guide: Best Razor for Shaving Head

One important important attribute that safety razors have, is that they have the ability to give an incredibly close shave. A shave that is much closer than traditional disposable razors. Most people prefer to use trimmers or clippers to get this job done, I’ve even seen someone trying to use an electric shaver before, but it also leaves a little bit of stubble, and not a perfect shave. With a razor however, you can shave extremely close to the scalp, increasing the time required before your next shave, and while giving you an incredibly smooth head.

Here are some tips, along with some recommendations on the best safety razors for shaving your head. One thing to keep in mind, is that you will need to learn how to use a safety razor before even attempting to shave your head, as there is a learning process that you shouldn’t ignore. Once you have this down however, you can save money on blades, while also looking extremely well groomed!

Top 4 Safety Razors for Shaving Your Head

Merkur razorsMerkur Double-Edge SV-05X

This is perhaps the best safety razor for shaving your head, and for good reason. Its light, long, and is an all around great razor to use. Not just for shaving your head, but for shaving your mug as well, due to its quality, so be sure to double dip with its use (although a shorter razor would be preferred if your doing your beard). Its stainless steel, and while I would advise that you change the blades after four or five uses, its not going to rust. Finally, it despite its entry level price range it gives an incredibly close shave, as close as the other three razors on this list.

Silver Tone Double Edge by Rosallini

This product is on here for one reason, its price. Its incredibly cheap, and we are just blown away by what you get. You can use this razor to shave your head, but also your beard, and it comes in a case, all for the price of a happy meal. Only a couple hiccups with this blade. First, make sure you get it from the right seller, Rosallini, as there are knock offs being floated around. Second, it isn’t adjustable

Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor

Coming in third is Feathers double edge razor. It comes at a mid level price. This razor is extremely light and long, which we like in a razor that shaves your head, but not one that would shave your beard. It comes standard with 2 stainless steel blades, and does a great job of cutting to the root of your head.

Merkur “1904” Classic

Funny enough, despite being a replica of the old 1904 Gillette, this safety razor is perfect for shaving your head. Its Merkur, so the material is quality and the design is top notch, and it will give you and incredibly close shave. It has a mid level price though, so I would still lean a little more towards the SV-05X if you were picking from Merkur, which has a similar price.

How to Shave Your Head

More and more men nowadays are shaving their head. Men have cleaned their scalp for hundreds of years, and have shaved their head (for religious or aesthetic reasons), but its trendier now, than ever. Why? Well first of all, it gives you that clean, shaved look. Think Vin Diesel or the Rock. Those are badass men who look sharp and intimidating. Are you going to mess with Mr. Clean if you bump into him in a dark alley?

Being honest though, most men shave their heads because they are balding and would prefer to hide their receding hairline, or because they simply are lazy and want one less task to take care of in their daily grooming routine. That is right, when it comes down to it we are lazy and want to get away with it, so getting a closest shave possible is extremely important. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Consider using a pair of clippers to trim down to about 1/4 of and inch, if your hair is long. This is simply to avoid excess hair from being an obstacle.

Step 2: Treat your scalp like you would your beard. You wouldn’t shave dry, would you? Wet shaving equipment is a must, and your hair needs to be extremely wet.

Step 3: Make sure that you are well accustomed to your razor. You don’t want your head to be the first time you’ve ever experienced shaving with a safety razor.

Step 4: Apply shaving cream to your head. You are going to want to make sure that your skin is as loose as possible, tensing up can create rashes and abrasions.

Step 5: Shave your head gently. No need to rush it. When shaving your head, you want to stay away from heavy duty safety razors, as they are short and heavy. Instead, go with butterfly safety razors, or “poles” as they are longer and lighter.

Step 6: Now, just shave like you would your beard, use the shaving cream as a guide. Once you have finished shaving, use a noncomedogenic gel to moisturize your skin and unclog pores. Your Done!

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