Best Hair Dryer for Men

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best hair dryer for men

What are the Best Hair Dryers for Guys?

Lets be honest with ourselves here. Blow dryers aren’t just a useful tool to help us dry our hair, they are a fun and interesting way for us to entertain ourselves when in front of the mirror. For decades they have shortened styling time while helping to reduce damage on our hair follicles. However, a lot has changed over the years.

Do you know the difference between a tourmaline and an ionic hair dryer? If you haven’t been paying attention, you might be surprised at just how much hair dryers have evolved over the years, and by picking up a professional dryer, you can make all the difference in your styling routine. This is even more important, if you are one of those people who has to dry their hair all of the time.

Before you run off and purchase any old hair dryer though, have a look at our list of the best hair dryers on the market, and our guide on how to find one that works well for your needs. The difference a dryer makes can be amazing. Dare I say, it might blow you away?

Turbo Power 3200

Taking our top pick for Hair Dryers, is the Tubo Power 3200, which is a high end model. The 3200 has several features that we really like, including an extremely powerful 1900 watt power ionic generator, a large air flow area, a long cable, several temperature adjustments, and two speeds. The temperature flow is extremely fast, going from very hot, to super cold in seconds. If there are any complaints to this blow dryer, it may be a bit on the heavy side, and a little loud, but it is certainly not the loudest or heaviest blow dryer amongst high end dryers.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Volare

Coming in at a very close second, is the Nano Titanium Volare by Babyliss. This bad boy has 2000 watts of power from an ionic generator, 6 heat control and speed settings, and a decent cord at 2.8 m long. There is also a condenser nozzle and a cold shot(which the Turbo Power 3200 lacks). The weight isn’t super light, but it is also not heavy either, at about 1 pound, and blows super quiet, which was very surprising given its power. Our complaints with this particular dryer, is that the extra features don’t justify the additional price, and the construction isn’t perfect, as some blow dryers have reportedly stopped working after one or two drops.

Elchim 2001 Professional

Elchim’s mid grade hair dryer is one of the most popular dryers on the market. Its price is very good considering what the features are, including up to 2000 watts of high pressure from an ionic generator, 3 temperature controls and 2 speed settings, an attachment called a diffuser, plus it has a concentrator. What are the issues with this dryer? Its HEAVY. At 5 lbs, this guy weighs a ton, and it also has a reportedly short shelf life.

Babyliss Pro BABNT5548

This particular model from Babyliss is the entry level version of their Nano Titanium. Its an extremely popular dryer, and features almost all of the attributes of its more expensive cousin, including 2000 watts of power generated with ion technology.  The differences are that it only has 3 heat and 2 speed control settings, but its actually lighter and even quieter than the Valore. It also lacks a diffuser, but this may very well be the better buy if you don’t care about that.

Rusk Speed Freak Professional

Bringing in the rear on our list is the Speed Freak by Rusk, a mid level product. This is a very nice blow dryer. Along with some of the standard features(8 foot cord, a diffuser), it runs very quiet, and includes a concentrator.  Also, unlike the other dryers on our list, is tourmaline ceramic instead of ionic, which gives it increased drying power but at the expense of being a bit rougher on thin hair, so consider that when making a purchase.  What we don’t like however, is even though it drys hair fast, it can get too hot and has a tendency to ruin hair if under direct spray for too long.

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