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Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Buying Guide: Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush Reviews and Guide

When it comes to shaving brushes, you have four choices, with varying attributes. Boar hair, horse hair, synthetic hair, and what we are going to talk about today, badger hair. Badger shaving brushes are different from their counter parts due to their softness. If you have sensitive skin, this is a must, because it prevents irritation and is considered the best shaving brush for those of you with sensitive skin.

Brushes themselves are extremely important, because they have the ability to get underneath your beard, and apply the shaving soap needed to raise up your whiskers. In addition to this, they produce the lather needed in your shaving bowl, so that when you shave, you will won’t have to worry about nicks or cuts or running into dry surfaces.

Types of Badger Shaving Brushes

Best Badger Hair Shaving BrushBadger brushes are considered the crown jewel of shaving brushes. However, not only are there four flavors of brushes, there are four flavors of badger brushes, so keep this in mind if you are looking for the best badger shaving brush. Each one is different, so choose wisely.

Fine: These are quite rare, and you will have difficulty finding this type today. If you are lucky enough to find this variety, it will probably cost you an arm and a leg. Like the name suggests, these will be extremely soft, and are perhaps the best brushes for sensitive skin.

Super: This is a variety that is made up of silver tipped hair, which comes from the neck of the badger. When the bristles are sorted, the short hairs are divided up and thrown away, so the length of each individual piece of hair has a uniform length. Compared to other badger brushes, these are much lighter, and soft to the touch. This is the best badger brush if you are looking for an economical choice.

Pure: This variety is a bit cheaper, and uses hair that is much more coarse compared to the super brushes. The hair itself is dark and stiff, so it isn’t the preferred choice for people who have sensitive skin. However for everyone else, this is a great choice because while it is still soft, it will easily produce the lather needed for a great shave.

Best: Although a bit of a corny label, best badger brushes are a step higher than pure brushes. They can absorb water extremely well, and produce the quality lather that you need.

Lineup of the Top 5 Products

“The Prince” High Density Silver Tip

From WetShaving Products, this is our 47mm loft, 50 mm tall brush is our preferred choice. It is made out of premium quality silvertip hair which is extremely soft, and is constructed very well, you won’t be able to remove the hair without cutting it out. The handle is wooden, but coated so it won’t break down over time, and the loft itself feels great on your face.

Parker Chrome Handled

This is Parkers best quality product of badger brush. The bristles are made out of 100% Best Badger Hair, so it has mid-tier softness. It generates a great lather, and the price is very reasonable, it even includes a quality shaving stand. Definitely our choice if your looking for an economical mid grade brush.

Premium Black from WetShaving Products

Another fine entry from Wet Shaving Products, this brush uses pure badger hair, which isn’t the best, but it has a matching entry level price point. The handle is made out of wood, and it dries out nicely. I wouldn’t purchase this particular product if your looking for a premium grade brush that will last you for years, however its the perfect pickup for a starter set.

Escali 100% Pure

This is perhaps the most popular brush on the market. Its made out of 100% pure badger hair, and exfoliates your skin amazingly well, creating a nice, rich lather and enough water to help you get your wet shave on. It uses pure badger hair, again, which is low quality, and a wooden handle. However, this is one of the cheapest products on the market right now, and for its price point, you can’t go wrong.

Baxter of California

We like this brush, but the quality of badger hair isn’t perfect, it is made out of pure loft. For those without sensitive skin, they are going to love this brush, because it produces a great lather, is light, and is well constructed. The handle is synthetic, but it feels nice to hold and is very light. Just grab your shaving mug, a little cream, and you’re ready to go for pennies.

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