Why Beard Oil is a Must Have in Winter

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Beard Oil is a Must Have in Winter

Beard maintenance is something that needs to be carried out all round the year. However, you need to take extra care of your beard in certain seasons, especially the dry seasons. Beards become frizzy and unmanageable when they dry out. When there isn’t much humidity in the air and the temperature is on the lower side, you should be careful about not letting your beard loose its natural moisture.

If it ends up going dry and coarse, you are going to have to deal with several problems including skin irritation, itchiness and red bumps on your face.

But don’t worry, iamaguy is going to show you the right way to manage your bead in the winter.

Using Beard Oil in Winter

The hair on your face is affected by the harsh conditions of winter just like the hair on your head. When exposed to these harsh conditions, the beard becomes brittle, irritable and rugged. As previously mentioned, this leads to discomfort in the skin underneath the facial hair. If you don’t take the right steps to care for your facial hair during these months, then you are not going to have a very nice winter to cap off your year. There are multiple ways in which you can groom and care for your beard.

However, you need to be effective with your actions. One of the most effective products that you can use to keep your beard in a great condition during winter is beard oil. The beard oil that you are using should be a high end product with natural ingredients. The characteristics of beard oil make it the perfect product for beard care in the months of winter.

Managing your beard without using this product is going to become a daunting challenge. Some men prefer not to spend any money on maintaining their beard. Even though a high end beard oil will not be an extremely cheap product, it will be a worthy investment that will make your beard look great throughout winter.

Conditioning the Skin

Conditioning the skin or improving its health is a prerequisite to beard maintenance. If your skin is not in a great condition, then you really can’t expect your beard to grow freely and gracefully. When exposed to the cold winds of winter, the skin underneath the beard dries out quickly.

As the skin becomes dry, the hair that begins to grow out of the roots starts to irritate the skin. The experience can be compared to that of sandpaper being rubbed against you. In other words, it is pretty uncomfortable. Each and every single tiny hair on the skin causes irritation as it grows out. This compels you to scratch your skin and your beard to the point where you find it impossible to keep your fingers away from your face.

Scratching your beard and your skin is not going to make things any better. In fact, it worsens the condition of your skin and aggravates the skin irritation.

If you really want to solve this problem, you need to apply a generous amount of beard oil on your beard and the skin underneath the beard. Start working the oil into the beard and smear it all over the place from the neck line to the nose area. You will probably be unable to distribute the oil evenly across your facial hair. To make the distribution more even, use a beard comb or a beard brush.

Allow the beard oil to settle in and take effect for a few minutes. With regular application, your skin will be nourished and the irritation will soon fade away.

Making Your Beard Look Healthier

The look of the beard is as important as the feel. Even if you don’t have to deal with rashes, red spots or skin irritation, you still need to make sure that your beard looks visually appealing. If it looks like a mess (even if it isn’t one), then what’s the point of you sporting a beard?

This is where the beard oil presents itself as a solution once again. Not only will the beard oil take care of how your beard feels, but it will go the extra mile and give your beard a refreshing look in winter that will definitely grab the attention of the people around you.

When you apply beard oil after your daily shower, your facial hair and the skin receives nutrients that it needs to make your beard look a lot healthier. Moisturizing the skin and the facial hair will cause your beard to be stronger and be free of dandruff. You will also not have to deal with any annoying dry flakes.

A high quality beard oil will strengthen the hair follicle from the tip all the way down to the very root of the hair strand. With strengthened facial hair, you will enjoy greater control and hold over your beard.

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